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10 Years of True Love: That's It! I Quit!!!

That's It!  I Quit!!! Due to some personal reasons, I felt like I was no longer able to create a reasonable work/life balance.  I was going to quit shooting weddings at the end of 2014.  I would work the contracts that I had, and be done. The last wedding that I had scheduled at the time was Bethany & Carl.  It seemed fitting, because Carl was actu[...]

10 Years of True Love: The ShutterSpire Years

The ShutterSpire Years When my business first started, I went under the name, ShutterSpire.  The Shutter part is obvious.  The Spire was a combination of my desire to inspire those around me with my images and wanting to reach the top.  Additionally, weddings are often conducted in a church, and churches often contain a spire. 2008-2009 These we[...]