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Posing for an Engagement Session

I photograph a lot of engagement sessions.  A LOT.  One thing that my clients love is that I am really fast with posing and moving on to the next location.  It allows us to get a lot of different pictures with a huge variety, without much time or effort involved. You probably looked through my Location Guide already, but that is the first step in planning[...]

Cedar Hill State Park Engagement Sessions

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have country roots.  I grew up with nature all around me.  It's a part of me.  I love the city, too, don't get me wrong... but I feel at 'home' when surrounded by nature.  That is exactly how I feel when I got the opportunity to shoot two Cedar Hill State Park engagement sessions. Cedar Hill State Park has a section call[...]

Marty Leonard Chapel Bridals | Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Today, I am bringing you one of my favorite sessions: Becca's Marty Leonard Chapel bridals.  Now, I already blogged about her session awhile back, but since I switched to a new website host, I lost everything.  But that's OK.  It just gives me another opportunity to show off this gorgeousness. Funny story... after Becca booked her wedding with me, she came t[...]