That’s It!  I Quit!!!

Due to some personal reasons, I felt like I was no longer able to create a reasonable work/life balance.  I was going to quit shooting weddings at the end of 2014.  I would work the contracts that I had, and be done.

The last wedding that I had scheduled at the time was Bethany & Carl.  It seemed fitting, because Carl was actually the groom from my very first wedding that I ever shot.  It just seemed appropriate, and meant to be, that his wedding would also be my last!

I called the Dallas Bridal Show founder, Naomi, and told her that I was dropping the show.  She said that WHEN I changed my mind in 6 months, that I would have go to back on the several-year-long wait list.  I assured her that I would not change my mind………..  It took me until 2016 to get back in that show <sigh>.


Ashley & Farris // April 19, 2014 // This adorable couple had a sweet ceremony and now they are parents!  =) . I love watching their little boy grow so big and handsome!!

Natasha & Anthony // May 24, 2014 // I remember meeting with Natasha and Anthony for the first time.  They told me about how special San Antonio is to them, and Tim and I were already planning a trip there… so they came too and we did a fun session on the River Walk and Marketplace.  Everything from the engagement through the wedding was just absolutely amazing.

Tiffany & Joel // June 27, 2014 // Every single thing about this wedding made this a day to remember.  Tiffany and Joel became great friends of ours.  Tiffany specifically required Tim to shoot with me, even though he didn’t shoot with me much anymore.  The DJs were our close friends, Melody & Lori (yes, both of them) from Melodies and Memories.  The videographer was our videographer from our wedding.  It was like we were guests at a wedding with a ton of our friends, and we just so happened to have our cameras with us.

Ashley & Tyler // June 28, 2014 // This was probably one of the sweetest weddings that I have ever photographed.  Ashley and Tyler are just the nicest people you will meet and the love that they share for each other is evident in each image I took that day.  Their ceremony was at St. Francis of Assisi and their reception was at Craig Ranch.  Both venues are breathtaking.  It made for the perfect day.

Kristen & Kyle // September 20, 2014 // Kristen is the reason that I am still shooting weddings (well, one reason anyway).  I told her about my plan to quit.  She wouldn’t let met.  =) . Her encouragement was exactly what I needed to stay the course.  Their ceremony was at Watermark Church and their reception was at Noah’s in Richardson.  This was also the very first wedding that Jessica shot with me.  I loved her so much, I have kept her for going on four years now =)

Bethany & Carl // September 27, 2014 // Carl was my very first groom, and he hired me to photograph his second wedding to his forever bride, Bethany!  They both, along with Carl’s beautiful daughter, Annabelle, have been in my life ever since.  They have been huge supporters of my work, and I appreciate that more than they will ever know.

Zuri & Eric // October 25, 2014 // I met Zuri and Eric at a bridal show only a month or so before their wedding.  They still didn’t have their photographer, but they ended up hiring me that day.  I am SO glad they did.  I saw them at a recent wedding as guests and they were surprised that I remember their.  I said, “Are you kidding… your wedding will forever be the one where I got kissed on the lips by an uncle.” =) . That’s another story for another day.


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