The ShutterSpire Years

When my business first started, I went under the name, ShutterSpire.  The Shutter part is obvious.  The Spire was a combination of my desire to inspire those around me with my images and wanting to reach the top.  Additionally, weddings are often conducted in a church, and churches often contain a spire.


These were my first six paid weddings, and I am grateful for every single one.  They all took a chance on a new photographer and helped me grow my business to what it is today.

Crystal & Chris // October 25, 2009 // This military couple was already married, but wasn’t able to have a wedding until then.  What a beautiful wedding it was, too.

Jessica & Chris // March 21, 2009 // This couple was in the wedding industry with us.  We met them at a bridal show that we did together.  They made us shirts, letterhead, envelopes, and all kinds of great stuff that we needed for the start of our business.

Christine & Alex // May 30, 2009 // This couple was our contest winners at the first bridal show that we did together.  They had a beautiful ceremony in Lawton, OK, and there reception was a BLAST!!!

Vicki & Pete // August 1, 2009 // This couple was so creative and unique.  Their ceremony and reception was gorgeously done in a Holiday Inn.

Peter & Shaalon // August 22, 2009 // Both the bride and groom are brilliant doctors, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Kim & Eric // December 12, 2009 // Another really sweet couple that I had the privilege of photographing.  I still remember their gorgeous table decor.  They had trees with little white buds, dripping with crystals.  Oh, and their cake was baseball themed =)


In 2010, my business really grew.

Amy & Greg // February 14, 2010 // I met Amy at a bridal show and she asked me to photograph her wedding.  That was my first (of MANY) weddings at the Marty Leonard Chapel.  I climbed in a TREE for this woman!

Aileen & Drew // April 17, 2010 // We do not see this couple near enough because they live in Houston, but their wedding was spectacular.  Their reception was at the Cowboys Golf Club.  So much fun!!!

Erika & Raul // May 22, 2010 // This very picture of Erika and Raul hung in our house for a few years.  They were so sweet and great to work with.  Every picture is just dripping with the love and admiration that they share.

Meghan & Russell // July 10, 2010 // I had always wanted to photograph a wedding at the Gaylord Texan, and this couple gave me that opportunity.  I also believe that this was the first time I ever did a first-look, and I got obsessed!  It was such a sweet and tender moment.

Christin & Chris // August 17, 2010 // This couple started out as clients and ended up as friends.  She also became my pregnancy sister and now, they have three gorgeous littles that are exact replicas of them!!! =)

Jennifer & Erik // September 18, 2010 //  This couple is our anniversary twins.  They tied the knot on our 5th wedding anniversary, which made this wedding extra-special for us.

Heather & Ryan // October 2, 2010 // This was the first wedding that Tim didn’t get to shoot with me.  He was recovering from a procedure and I actually had Christin (the bride from a couple months prior) and Faith, another photographer friend of mine.  It was a great wedding.  Heather and Ryan are so incredibly sweet.

Beth & Jeff // October 9, 2010 // Beth in an industry that has my heart… adoption.  I am adopted, and Beth has the honor of bringing together families through her work at the adoption agency.  They even held their wedding and reception right where she works.  Talk about a very special day that she can relive over and over again.

Diana & Nicholas // October 10, 2010 // Diana and Nick are such a sweet couple and their wedding was so much fun.  They got married at the industrial venue of Party Off the Grid.

Lauren & Eric // October 23, 2010 // This power couple are entrepreneur moguls and I am so proud that they hired ME to be their wedding photographer.


This is the year that my son was born, and we were able to capture so many amazing weddings.  We also made some life-long friends.

Amy & Charles // March 12, 2011 // I loved this wedding SO MUCH.  This couple is very much like us.  They agreed to have their engagement photos at AMC Theaters, and then their wedding was at Shenaniganz!!!  Talk about amazing and fun!!!!

Natalie & Joey // April 9, 2011 // This gorgeous spring wedding was just full of fun personal touches.  I especially enjoyed the little burgers that they had served on trays at the end of the night.  =)

Suzanne & Orlando // April 16, 2011 // Suzanne called me to inquired about a boudoir session.  I didn’t have much to show her, but I did have Amy and Greg’s wedding album.  She said, “That’s where I am getting married!!!”  A long and enduring friendship began that day. =)

Kim and Corie // May 28, 2011 // A gorgeous, tall, blonde and a handsome soldier, how can a wedding get more perfect?  I swear that these two cannot take a bad picture!!!

Victoria & Jarrett // July 2, 2011 // There was so much amazing that happened at this wedding.  First, I was so pregnant that I was about to pop.  Second, I almost dropped my camera and knocked over a vase (two separate events) during the ceremony.  Third, during the reception, I climbed on a chair to get a good shot.  When Victoria heard about this, she came stomping in there saying, “Get down from there right now, Christina, YOU ARE PREGNANT!”  I was kind of a little bit scared of her at the moment.  And finally, I laid down on the floor during the final dance to get a really good shot of them dancing.  When they saw me down there, they died laughing.  We are still friends with these most awesome of couples and love them to death.  Oh, and Victoria is a lawyer now, so I can’t say anything untruthful or unlawful….. =)

Dyan & Bryan // August 20, 2011 // I had just given birth to my son just four days prior to this wedding, so I wasn’t actually at this beautiful wedding.  My wonderful husband shot this one with the help of our friend, Leslie Spurlock =) . Even with an injured ankle, Leslie killed it (Tim did an amazing job, too).  =)

Paige & Bryan // August 27, 2011 // This is another wedding where I wasn’t able to be there, but Tim and our second shooter knocked it out of the water.  I feel so humbled that I belong to such an amazing industry of people that are so willing to help someone else out when they are in need.

Jen & Nick // October 8, 2011 // This was my first wedding back after having the baby and I really enjoyed capturing this couple’s special moments.  She is a firefighter and he is an EMT.  Public servants always hold such a special place in my heart!!

Kelly & Ronnie // October 16, 2011 //  I liked Kelly the minute I met her.  Her over-the-top personality was fun to be around, and her energy level couldn’t be topped.  Plus, she was a mom, too.  I love it when I can relate and become friends with my clients.

Jill & Chris // October 22, 2011 // Such a pretty wedding in a gorgeous church!!!! This couple has such an adorable family now.  I wish them all the best!

Brandi & Clinton // December 3, 2011 // I still remember meeting with Brandi and her mom, a mere 6 weeks before her wedding.  She had a photographer lined up, but they felt ill-equipped to handle this wedding.  I am really glad that I had the opportunity to help and get to know this amazing couple.

Kendyl & Cody // December 26, 2011 // We have known Kendyl since she was a senior in high school.  Tim worked with her mom for a few years.  In fact, I still remember when she started dating Cody, her handsome soldier.  They now have an adorable family.  And her son, Nolan, will always be the kid that pooped in our sink!  =)

The end of ShutterSpire

Now that we had Cody, our lives were changing.  Tim, my amazing husband, best friend, and partner decided that he needs to spend more time at home with Cody instead of shooting weddings.  So, I branched off on my own.  I started using my name instead of ShutterSpire for a few reasons:  1) I got really REALLY tired of explaining what ShutterSpire meant and 2) I have the coolest name in the whole wide world, why NOT use it?!


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