The Birth of Christina Truelove Photography

I was finally starting to embrace my name (and yes, Truelove IS my last name).  I was concerned that most people would think that I created the last name for my business and/or they would use my name as a cliche (which both occur).  But, who cares, right?  I have the coolest name on the planet (thank you, babe) and yes, I have, in fact, found my Truelove!  =)


Sharon & Willie // January 28, 2012 // This fun couple got married at Goodwill.  Yes, that is correct.  I had no idea that Goodwill had a venue, but they do!!!  Shay, we still haven’t done the fun bridal in the thrift shop that we talked about…. let’s get on that…. ok???

Jessica & Nathan // February 25, 2012 // I have the most awesome clients ever… EVER.  This theatrical couple wanted to do something COMPLETELY different for their engagement session…. they wanted it Mario-themed.  And it went viral!!!  Well, for two whole days, but that is a long time in cyber-world!  =) Check them out!!!

Judith & Adam // May 5, 2012 // This beautiful outdoor wedding took place on a golf course.  The lighting, the expressions, everything about this wedding was pure magic.

Carolyn & Dan // July 28, 2012 // This was one of the first weddings that I shot with someone other than Tim.  A friend of mine also had a wedding at the same venue a week before, so we traded by second shooting for each other.  It was great experience working with someone new.

Gloria & Ramses // September 15, 2012 // This gorgeous wedding was held at the esteemed Adolphus Hotel.  What a breathtaking ceremony and reception, too.  I had my friend, Havi, shooting with me and I learned SO much from her!!!

Rachel & Jacob // October 20, 2012 // I am fortunate to photograph some of the most awesome, laid back, and fun people you’d ever meet.  Not only was their wedding spectacular, they are some of the nicest people you’ll meet!!!

Erin & Justin // November 17, 2012 // When this gorgeous girl called me up, she told me about her experience with another photographer that made me cringe.  I hate that!  So, she chose to hire me and I am so glad she did.  I totally made a model out of her 😉

Kathy & David // December 5, 2012 // I LOVE meeting people from various areas of the world.  This was my first Vietnamese wedding, and my goodness was it amazing.  Her side was Vietnamese and his side was Scottish.  Talk about an amazing fusion of culture!!!

Anna & Rob // December 21, 2012 // This couple is beyond awesome.  She was a teacher.  He runs his own tattoo studio.  Between the art, color, and creativity, this wedding was spectacular.


Lauren & Shaun // March 2, 2013 // This couple’s venue closed down before their wedding, forcing them to find another spot.  Good thing they did, too.  They found the Windsor at Hebron Park, which is such a gorgeous venue.  Their wedding went off without a hitch and it was so beautiful!!!

Alyssa & James // April 14, 2013 // Alyssa has been family friends of ours for many years, so when she got engaged, she called me THAT DAY.  This girl is also SuperWoman.  She planned her entire wedding in four months, people.  FOUR MONTHS!!!!  Now, she is a busy doctor (they both are, actually).  What an amazing team they are!

Becca & Kenny // April 28, 2013 // Becca and Kenny have had a few ups and downs, but they pulled through and are stronger than ever.  Their original wedding date was supposed to be in August of 2012, but the base that Kenny was stationed in South Korea got shut down… no one in or out.  So, they had to postpone their wedding.  I think it came out more beautifully on this day.  Now, they have two more adorable kids and I get the privilege of photographing their family any time I get the chance =)

Christin & Bryan // June 21, 2013 // I love photographing teachers’ weddings.  I am a teacher myself, and anytime I get to capture the memories of fellow teachers, it just makes my heart happy.

Skylar & Shane // June 23, 2013 // Seriously, it doesn’t get sweeter than this couple.  Despite their serious height difference, Skylar and Shane are totally in sync with each other.  They are one of those couples that just make sense.  They have a beautiful baby now, too.  I just love looking at pictures on Facebook of their sweet, little family.

Holly & Jason // August 10, 2013 // Holly met me at a bridal show and started following my work.  A couple years later, they were finally planning their wedding and she said that I just HAD to be her wedding photographer.  She is one of those awesome people that I am still friends with to this day.  <3 her!!!

Michelle & Stephen // September 14, 2013 // They got married at the Frisco Heritage Center.  That place is really cool.  There’s a chapel with a metal ceiling, and a train, and a barn-like reception venue, and a historic house…. so many awesome things to see and photograph!!!

Brittany & Drue // October 19, 2013 // I first met Brittany and Drue at another wedding.  They were so adorable together that I asked the bride, Suzanne, what their story is… and she said that Drue was going to propose soon.  He even had me there when he did it during an Easter egg hunt.  =) . I loved capturing the love these two shared, from just dating to husband and wife.  Now, we need to take pictures of your family =)



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