Most likely, the first thing you will do after saying “yes” is to pick a wedding date.  This is the date on which everything else will be determined.  In fact, you can’t even really begin planning until this date is set.  And you will use your date for EVERYTHING: every wedding-related phone call, every vendor meeting, every bridal show, even conversations with friends will revolve around this date.

So, how do you chose the perfect date?  I will go over a few strategies for you and give you some things to keep in mind.

1. What other important dates do you have on the calendar?   When my husband and I got engaged, we first considered what was already on the calendar.  The birthdays for nearly everyone in our family were in the spring or early summer and that is also when we met.  We had nothing going on between then and the holiday season, so we decided to get married in September to give us something to look forward to in the fall.

2. How is the weather?   In Texas, the summer months aren’t just hot, they can be unbearable.  Winter can have ice or cold weather (or it can be 70, who knows?!) and the spring is usually very wet and plagued with thunderstorms and tornados.  The fall is usually graced with the best weather, but that’s also a VERY popular time to get married, so some of your chosen vendors may already be booked.  Additionally, keep in mind when you will have your portrait sessions.  If you set a date in September, you will need to get your bridal session done in the spring before it gets too hot.  Will your dress be ready?  Or, it is currently November and you chose a date in March.  Will you have the ability to fit in your engagement session before your wedding?

3. What is your wedding budget?   Your date can affect how much you spend.  Weddings can be more costly (and more difficult to book the vendors that you want) if you are getting married on a Saturday in peak wedding season.  For the Dallas-Fort Worth area, that would be May and October (and sometimes the months before and after).  You may be able to find valuable discounts by choosing a date in an off-peak month or a day that isn’t a Saturday.  Tim and I chose a Sunday and we were planning 9 months out, so we didn’t have any problems.
**Special note 1: Choosing a Monday-Friday may save you money, but will your guests be able to leave work in time to make it?
**Special note 2: Sunday weddings have a challenge of keeping the guests there longer than a few hours or later into the evening as people need to prepare for work and/or school.

4. Is your date flexible?  As you start planning, you may find that the venue that you had your heart set on is already booked, or the photographer that you wanted doesn’t have your date available.  Select a “Back up” date, just until you book what is MOST important to you!

So, grab your calendar and your fiance and begin on the journey of planning your wedding.


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