You said “Yes”.  Now it’s time to plan your wedding, and you have decided to attend a bridal show. Whether you are going to a smaller show like the Plano Bridal show, or you are tackling a large show such as the Dallas Bridal Show, you can quickly become overwhelmed unless you have a game plan.  I have some tips and ideas that I have gathered over the last eight years in order to help you make the most of your bridal show experience.

  1. Pre-register – If the show you are attending allows it (and most do), pre-register and purchase your tickets online.  
     You often can save some money and time at the show when you are able to bypass long lines. Attending the Dallas Bridal Show, Plano Bridal Show, or Las Colinas Bridal Show?  Use promo code TRUELOVE while checking out on their website to receive $1 off.  Additionally, I get entered into a contest, so it is a win-win situation =)
  2. Organize your email – Create a separate email account just for wedding-related information.
    Why?  You will receive a great deal of email and you could receive it for a long time.  If you have your separate wedding email, you are easily able to cancel your account once you are married.  Additionally, you are able to share this account with your fiance and family that could be helping you plan your wedding day.  One of my brides did something really smart… she uses her wedding email for pre-registrations and contest entry forms, but on the vendors that she really likes, she gives them her personal email as well.
  3. Help with carrying handouts – Bring a backpack or rolling bag to the show.
    Why?  You will be talking to a lot of vendors and trying a lot of samples, and you will want your hands free.  Plus, those handouts and freebies get HEAVY after carrying them around for quite awhile. Having a backpack or a rolling bag will redistribute the weight so you are able to get around better.
  4. Help making decisions – Bring your fiance!
    Why?  If you are hoping to get something accomplished, not just pick up information (which you can get on the internet in half the time), you need your fiance there to weigh in with his point of view.  Read my Bridal Show Survival Guide for the Groom for what he should expect.
  5. Organize the information – Have some way of separating out information there at the show.
    Why?  You will be getting a LOT of information, and some of it you will take just out of politeness (Sociologically speaking, we will take almost anything handed to us).  Don’t just dump it in a bag and plan on sorting through it at a later time.  Instead, separate out the stuff you REALLY like into a another bag, folder, or any other way that works for you.
  6. Be comfortable – Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
    Why?  We know you are gorgeous, and showing off with cute clothes and shoes might be tempting.  However, you will be doing a lot of walking.  A lot.  And if you are uncomfortable in any way, you will rush through it and not get the most out of your experience.
  7. Save yourself time – Create address labels with all of your information
    Why?  You will be filling out a great deal of contests/giveaways slips and information requests.  Instead of writing your name, email, phone, your fiance’s name, and wedding date on every. single. one. of them, be prepared with labels instead.  This gives you more time to chat with the vendor and avoid hand cramps.

Do you have any more ideas or suggestions?  Please comment below with anything that has helped you while attending a bridal show.


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