Engagement sessions are my favorite.  I love capturing the love that my couples share and telling their story in such a unique way. One of the questions I get the most is what to wear to an engagement session.  So, here are a few things to think about when coming up with your engagement wardrobe.

1. Choose one or two outfits – First, you should limit your outfits to only one or two.  You don’t want too much of your session to be taken up by changing clothes.  In fact, simple changes like a different jacket can give an entirely different look in no time at all.

2. Think dressy – Your engagement session is a special occasion.  You don’t get these images taken everyday, so why dress in everyday clothes?  Even “casual” clothes can be dressed up a little bit to give a classy feel to your pictures.

3. Coordinate, but don’t match – The outfits that show up best in images are ones where the couple coordinates, but doesn’t necessarily “match”.  His tie can be the same color as your dress, or your colors can be complimentary on the color wheel.

4. Wear solid colors or uncomplicated patterns – You don’t want any distracting patterns taking away from what really matters – YOU.

5. Consider the colors at your location – Consider what colors are at the location that you have chosen.  If there are a lot of light colors, choose colors that are bold.  If you are going somewhere with a lot of different colors, wear something neutral and compliment your favorite one with accents.  Two things to keep in mind: don’t wear the same shade and color as the background and/or don’t wear a color that clashes with the background.

Need some location ideas?  Check out my location guide with information and sample images for each place.

6. Get inspiration – outfit and color inspiration is everywhere.  Of course, you can pin outfit ideas on Pinterest, look through my location guide, search my galleries, and check out my blog posts, but you can find inspiration everywhere.

Here are a few examples of what to wear to an engagement session from some of my recent clients.

Melissa and Chris decided to go with a beautiful long black dress and a nice suit, which was a great compliment to the downtown urban backdrop of their images.

This is an example of what to wear to an engagement session.

This couple had a great idea.  Courtney & Brennan had two outfits, one dressed up and one more casual.  Even the casual outfit was a bit dressed up and both outfits had the same color scheme.

This is an example of what to wear to an engagement session.


Paige and Joe wanted a more casual, date night feel to their engagement session in Grapevine.  I love this cute sun dress that she is wearing, and it works so well with his button-down shirt.

This is an example of what to wear to an engagement session.

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