Valentine’s Day is such an oversight in our house.  In fact, I JUST got my husband and son something today.  February 13.  It wasn’t due to lack of planning (ok, so maybe a little…), but it is more because we don’t feel the urgency to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I know what you might be thinking… I am a wedding photographer, and what about my super-awesome last name? (Yes, it is real).  How could Valentine’s Day NOT be our favorite holiday of the year?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my fair share of chocolate, but we don’t need a particular day to celebrate the love that we share.  We do this all year long.

We have true love (pun most definitely intended).  What we have is real, strong, and sometimes not the most romantic (but that is honestly the best part.)  I love that my husband cares so much for our family that he diligently pays all of our bills.  I show him how much I love him and our son when I clean the house or do the laundry.  Tim nourishes our family with delicious meals in the evening, and I clean up the dishes for him.  It may not be the most romantic, but it means the world to me.

Now, please do not think that I am hating on Valentine’s Day.  The flowers, candy, and romantic gestures are important.  We all need to feel loved in our relationships.  But, I challenge you to see the “romance” in the little daily moments as well.  One of my all-time favorite books is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  If you haven’t read it, do.  I mean, right now.  Get your app out and purchase the book.  I’ll wait….  …. …. … Ok, great!  Now that you have the best relationship book ever written, your homework is to find out the love language that speaks to the heart of your husband (to be) or wife (to be).

Here are just a few ways to bring Valentine’s Day into each day of your lives:

  • Hide a love note in his or her lunch, fridge, door, or any other place that he or she is likely to spot it at some point during the day.
  • Offer to do a chore you know he or she doesn’t really want to do.
  • A massage.
  • Bring home your partner’s favorite candy or drink.
  • Always brag on him/her to your friends and co-workers.  This may not have an immediate effect, but eventually he or she will hear of this and feel like the most special person in the world.
  • Say “sorry,” no matter who is at fault.
  • Tell your partner how much you appreciate him or her.
  • Listen!
  • Be quick to greet your partner when he or she comes home.

There are so many ways, these are just a small few.  Feel free to comment below on more ideas (the more creative the better) on how to show someone special that they are indeed that.

And I hope everyone out there has a wonderful True Love day!  =)