Wedding Photography is all about telling your story, and your engagement session is no exception.  This session may be your first professional portraits as a couple, as well as the first time you get to work with your wedding photographer, so make it count.  Go all out and make it all about you.  Here are my engagement session tips.

1.  Location – Don’t leave it up to your photographer to choose the location that he or she likes best. This is your session.  Find a place that has meaning to you.  Did you both grow up in Dallas?  Go downtown!  Did you go to the movies for your first date?  Ask if you can shoot inside a theater.  Do you reconnect over Starbucks after work?  Ask the manager if you can shoot there.  A location that has meaning will add a lot of depth to your session and will go a long way in telling your story.  Some of the more unique places I had the opportunity to photograph includes: Big League Dreams, AMC 30 in Mesquite, and the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth.

Engagement session tips to get the best and most unique engagement pictures

2.  Theme your session  – One very unique session that I had the opportunity to shoot was a Mario-themed engagement.  The storyline (yes, this session had a storyline) was very unique, too.  A couple falls asleep in a park and wakes up as Mario, but Princess Peach is missing.  Mario sets out on a quest to find his Princess, but gets detoured along the way (Hey, he had to eat and take a nap…).  When he finally finds his Princess, she is upset that it took him so long.  Mario makes up for it by proposing (She said yes!).  They were able to escape, and returned to their modern world as an engaged couple.  This session was so unique, that it was published in the Bridal Guide, Yahoo, Huffington Post and grabbed the attention of Good Morning America!

You can theme your session after anything that has meaning to you.  My couple loved playing Mario and acting in the theater, so their choice fit them perfect.  Another couple did a Zelda session with lots of cute props that they made themselves.  I have seen sessions that theme themselves after movies, books, or various decades that they have a shared interest in.

Engagement session tips to get the best and most unique engagement pictures by Dallas wedding photographer Christina Truelove Photography

3.  What to wear  – Wear your favorite outfit, something that looks like you.  If you like flowy dresses, don’t dress up in formal attire.  You won’t feel like yourself, if you do.  As far as colors, you two don’t have to match exactly.  Come up with coordinating colors.  A website I like to go to to help me chose colors is the Adobe Kuler Wheel.  Additionally, avoid complicated patterns.  You want everyone’s attention to go to your face, not your shirt.  If you bring shoes that look cute but hurt your feet, make sure to wear slip ons while you are walking from place to place.  If you are in pain, it will show up in the images.

Engagement session tips to get the best and most unique engagement pictures by Dallas wedding photographer Christina Truelove Photography

4.  Posing – Ask your photographer to do more natural shots, though some posing is necessary.  I like to get all of the mom and grandma requested photographs first, leaving the rest of the session to have fun together.  For the majority of the session, I like you to think of yourselves as you are on a date.  Then, I walk around you two and capture authentic moments.

San Antonio engagement session on the Riverwalk

5.  What to do with the pictures – You have all the great pictures you always dreamed of, and they couldn’t be more perfect in telling your story.  So, now what?  You can order prints to display on your gift table.  You could get a wall cluster displaying your favorite 3-9 images in your living room.  You can get a nice, pretty canvas to put on an easel in front of your reception.  My personal favorite is a custom guest sign-in book.  Your guests can see your gorgeous pictures, and you have a book that you can look at and display throughout the year.

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