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Natasha & Anthony's San Antonio Engagement Session

Natasha & Anthony have a fairytale romance!  And the love they share for each other was evident when I did their San Antonio Engagement Session. They met back in high school.  A cute freshman girl and a handsome sophomore boy.  They hit it off right away and exchanged notes and flirted with each other.  They never did date, though. Eventually, they met[...]

Marty Leonard Chapel Bridals | Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Today, I am bringing you one of my favorite sessions: Becca's Marty Leonard Chapel bridals.  Now, I already blogged about her session awhile back, but since I switched to a new website host, I lost everything.  But that's OK.  It just gives me another opportunity to show off this gorgeousness. Funny story... after Becca booked her wedding with me, she came t[...]

Bridal Guide to Wedding Photography

Are you newly engaged and have no idea where to start?  Are you working on your timeline and need to know how to best plan your day so you get amazing photos?  I have created this free guide to help you get the most out of your wedding photography. Simply sign up for my email list and you automatically get my Bridal Guide to Wedding Photography sent right[...]

Secrets of a Great Marriage: Adventures

Hello all.  I hope you are having a wonderful Spring Break (for those of you fortunate enough to have one).  We started out our Spring Break with a little family adventure, which brings me to my next "Secrets of a Great Marriage" post: Take an Adventure together. Taking adventures together as a family of two (or more) does a world of good for a marriage.  N[...]

After Sessions are the new Bridals

After Sessions are the new bridals and wedding day portraits. Let's face it, your wedding day is hectic.  You only have 4-8 hours to pack everything you want to do (and everything your fiancé wants to do… and your mother… and your mother-in-law… you get the point).  That doesn't leave a lot of time for pictures.  But there is a way to have your cake and e[...]